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For Replacements, Additions, New Homes, and Data Communication

Electronics, power, and wireless data networking are all well and good, but at some point, electrical cabling and wires are mandatory. Even if it’s just from the electrical panel to the outlet your wireless router is plugged into, wiring is essential.

In Phase Electric & Air hires the best in professionally trained electricians so that you can be sure that all the electrical services we provide keep to the highest standards of quality for wiring and rewiring. Each installation follows strict NEC guidelines and safety practices to prolong the lifespan of your home and mitigate dangers associated with electrical wiring.

Our wiring services include:

  • Wiring and Rewiring
  • Electrical Panel Circuits
  • Retrofits for Old Wiring
  • Appliance and Dedicated Circuits
  • Data Communication (Phone, Internet, Media)

Old Wiring

While it’s less common now, many homes were built with aluminum wiring and potentially dangerous [LINK]electrical panels[LINK]. Both of these are extremely risky and have the potential to cause home fires on a more than likely basis. Fortunately, In Phase Electric & Air performs full retrofits for these outdated systems. We can completely rewire your home with modern wiring and a new electrical panel that meet NEC standards and are compliant with all current safety regulations.

New Circuits

Older homes simply aren’t designed for how many electrical devices are used on a day-to-day basis. If you’re plagued with regular breaker trips and very few electrical outlets, it may be time to upgrade with a new circuit.

High-power demand devices, such as your HVAC unit or a washer and dryer, need their own circuit to prevent damaging other devices on the circuit. If you’re an avid DIYer, having an appliance circuit in the garage is a huge benefit. In Phase Electric & Air can install, repair, or inspect any appliance or dedicated circuits in your home, and with same-day service we’re only a phone call away.

Data Communication Cables

Electrical cables aren’t the only wires in your home anymore. More and more often we’re being asked to help wire homes for extensive media rooms and wired-network infrastructures. So if you’re looking to run new wires for a landline telephone, VoIP phone, local network, cable plan, fiber optic data line, or media center, In Phase Electric & Air is there for you.

For any wire, whether it carries data or power, trust your friendly neighborhood electricians at In Phase Electric & Air! Call us today at (262) 510-0956!