New Berlin HVAC Services

If your heater has broken down in the middle of a cold spell, or your air conditioner fails you in the middle of summer, it can cause more than a little discomfort. At In Phase Electric & Air, we are here to try to prevent these uncomfortable situations from happening and to respond quickly when they do. We offer the most reliable installations and replacements in the New Berlin area, and we are known for fast repairs and comprehensive yearly tune-ups for both your AC and your heater.

Heating Services

Some homes have multiple heating sources from furnaces to wood fireplaces. However, if you rely on one heating source, you must ensure its smooth operation from the first frost to the last snow. The company that you choose for your installations, replacements, and repairs can affect the overall quality of your heating system over the years. Choose In Phase Electric & Air for your furnace services.

Heater Repair

When your heater is operating correctly, it is protecting not only your family from the harsh temperatures but also your home. Your plumbing system and other appliances will all benefit from having a properly heated home. Staying on top of furnace repair is a great way to make sure it continues doing its job. If you notice that it is working less efficiently, your energy bills are higher, or your home is being heated unevenly, call us for a repair.

Heater Installation

If you are building a new home, you want to make sure to get each job done right the first time so that you can save money on repairs in the future. We have detailed processes and methods in place to make sure that each furnace installation measures up to our high standards. Depending on where you live in the New Berlin area, we may recommend electric, gas, or oil systems for the best utility pricing.

Heater Tune-Up

Once your heater is installed, you shouldn’t just forget about it. A regular furnace tune-up is the only way to ensure that your furnace continues to provide reliable heat year after year. With the price of a tune-up, you will receive comprehensive services including cleaning, lubrication, recalibration of the thermostat, and safety tests. We will also check the entire system for leaks, loose wires, holes in the ductwork, or any other problems that could lead to malfunction or less efficient operation.

Heater Replacement

If you have had your heater for 15-20 years, it may be time for a furnace replacement. However, we do not always recommend replacements simply based on a number. A replacement is likely needed if your system is less efficient than a newer system, is costing you too much money in repairs, or if the old system has become a danger or a nuisance to your family.

Air Conditioning Services

If your home has become more of an oven during the summer months than a comfortable living space, it may be time for our air conditioning services. Our goal is for our customers to enjoy cool and comfortable temperatures inside even on the hottest days without having to pay hundreds of dollars each month in utilities.

Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner stops providing adequate cooling for the home, the problem may be anywhere from the ductwork to the unit itself. Our professional AC repair services are the fastest in the area and we will have the problem quickly diagnosed and fixed. If you notice signs of leaking, your thermostat has stopped working, or if you are hearing strange sounds, call our team today.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Building a new home can be exciting when you have the right team to help you put everything together. We are here to make AC installation easy for you by providing expert advice, honest pricing, and the best service in the area. When your system becomes more expensive to repair than to replace, we are also here with expert ac replacement services.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An AC tune-up each year can help your air conditioner continue to pump out crisp, clean, cold air from the vents each summer. After our technicians change the air filter, recalibrate the thermostat, check for any damage or defects in the system, and refill the refrigerant if necessary, your system will run much more efficiently.

At In Phase Electric & Air, we truly care about each of our customers. If you need heating or cooling services in the New Berlin area, call our team today.