HVAC Services in Elm Grove, WI

If you have lived in Elm Grove for some time, you know that temperatures can vary drastically throughout the year. Although it can be one of the most comfortable places to live in Wisconsin, especially between June and September, extreme temperatures can sometimes make the indoors uncomfortable without the help of an air conditioner or a furnace. We are here at In Phase Electric & Air to make sure your home stays at the perfect temperature whether the snow is drifting in the driveway outside or the sun is pouring through the windows. Here are a few of our AC and furnace services.

Heating Repair

When the winter comes, it can be bitterly cold and cloudy for many weeks without a respite. This is often the time that something will go wrong with your heater. A broken furnace means the danger of freezing pipes and it can create unsafe temperatures inside for your family as well. When your furnace breaks down, it is nice to know that a technician is on the way to remedy the situation with expert furnace repair.

Heater Installation and Replacements

Unless your furnace is an anomaly, every 15-20 years, you will need to purchase a furnace replacement. You may also need a furnace installation if you are building a new house, improving the efficiency of your home, or investing in an upgrade to lower heating costs. When you need a new furnace, you can turn to us for professional installations. Our technicians are courteous and professional, and we always keep our prices transparent.

Furnace Tune-Ups

Every furnace needs to be taken care of if you want it to take care of you. The best way to do this is to treat it to a regular furnace tune-up. Tune-ups for your heater, which typically take place in the fall, are a good way to check that your system is still safe and efficient after the dormant summer months. Your system may need a recalibration of the thermostat, and it may need to be checked for leaks or obstructions in the ducts that could be affecting the system’s efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners in Elm Grove can be in use from the end of May to the beginning of October. During this time, it is important that they are reliable and provide consistent cooling. When they don’t, AC repair is needed right away. If your air conditioner has stopped turning on, or it is blowing out warm air, you can call and schedule a repair appointment with our AC services at In Phase Electric.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacements

Air conditioners do not last forever, and sometimes a broken AC will need to be replaced. AC replacement shouldn’t be a stressful process, but it can be without the right support. We help homeowners choose the right systems to optimize efficiency and comfort. We are also here with our reliable AC installation services for individuals who are knee-deep in the home-building process.

Air Conditioning Tune-ups

Tune-ups are the equivalent of spring cleaning for your AC. You wouldn’t neglect to dust your shelves, so why should you neglect to keep your AC sparkling clean? An AC tune-up should be done every year. By regularly changing the filter, cleaning the coils and the area around the unit, searching for leaks, and checking for any safety hazards, you are guaranteeing safe operation through the rest of the summer.

At In Phase Electric & Air, we never settle for sub-par service. We are here to offer our very best to our Elm Grove Customers. Contact us today for superior heating and cooling services.