Landscape and Outdoor Lighting in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Security Flood and Path Lighting for your Home

For the best lighting in the western Milwaukee area, you want In Phase Electric & Air. When it comes to landscape and outdoor lighting, our clients trust no one else to deliver the level of customer service and lighting quality offered by In Phase Electric & Air.

The lights outside of your home are just as important as the fixtures inside. From security floodlights that keep your home illuminated when people enter your yard, to path lights designed to guide you safely from the driveway to your front door, we’ll help you keep the lights on.

Outdoor Lighting

We can help design, install, and repair your outdoor system, including:

  • Security Lighting
  • Driveway Lights
  • Path Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Feature Accent Lights
  • Sconce and Fixture Lights

There’s more to outdoor lighting than just hanging a floodlight on your porch. Light trespass, light pollution, energy efficiency, and automation are all important features.

Light Pollution (Sky Glow) is a problem with many cities. When excess light is aimed or reflected up to the sky, it illuminates clouds and particles in the atmosphere. This excess lighting that isn’t used obscures our beautiful night skies. Mitigating light pollution is a simple matter of using DarkSky rated fixtures and angling fixtures to minimize spillage.

Light Trespass is something you deal with regularly, even if you don’t realize it. Light trespass occurs when a flood fixture (or any light for that matter) is directed in such a way that it spills into someone else’s yard or window. Obviously light trespass can disturb people’s sleep cycles, cause unwanted glare, and be a general nuisance. Proper installation of outdoor fixtures is key to preventing light trespasses.

Energy-efficient and automated lighting systems are decided on during purchase. Most of this is based on the type of lights and fixtures you buy. LED lights, while expensive, are usually more efficient than the standard HID floodlights used in security lighting. Automatic lights will also improve efficiency since they’re only active when you’re actually in the yard. Not to mention the added security of activating whenever someone enters your yard.

For lasting outdoor lighting and quality service, call In Phase Electric & Air today at (262) 510-0956.