Indoor Lighting & Fixtures in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Recessed, Hanging, and Energy Efficient Lighting for your Home

Are you tired of simple floor lamps and recessed can lights? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Your friendly neighborhood electricians at In Phase Electric & Air are experts when it comes to indoor lighting. From new fixture installation to simple repairs for your existing system, we’re there when you need us.

When it comes to indoor lighting, there’s a wide range of possibilities available to you. That’s why In Phase Electric & Air technicians are trained for:

  • System Wiring
  • Fixture Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Light Kits
  • Pendant, Hanging, and Recessed Lights
  • Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED Light Systems
  • Ballast and Driver Troubleshooting

Energy Efficient Lighting

At In Phase Electric & Air, we want to help create a more sustainable planet. Part of reaching this goal involves helping you find an acceptable solution for more energy-efficient lighting in your home. The less energy we use world-wide, the more we have to go around (and the costs for that energy also decrease, which is a nice bonus).

Switching to CFLs and LED light bulbs is a great direction for a more energy-efficient home, but sometimes that implementation is a little more difficult that it appears to be. Dimmer switches and existing control systems aren’t always friendly to LED and CFL light bulbs.

Upgrading your existing infrastructure to handle newer technologies can be an expensive process. Rather than second-guess which systems will work together, In Phase Electric & Air can help you plan and install a new system to bring your home into the next generation.

Wiring and Fixtures

If all you want is to install a few new fixtures, we’ll be glad to help with that as well. From mounting heavy fixtures (ceiling fans with light kits and some chandeliers can weigh more than 50 pounds!) to running new wiring for fixtures and their controls, In Phase Electric & Air is a fully certified company of electricians.

Plus, if you already have the fixtures ready, we offer same-day service. We can be at your home on the same day you call for service, meaning there’s no waiting when you’re ready to upgrade your home!