HOME AUTOMATION in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Controls, Security, & Lighting by In Phase Electric & Air

Computers are everywhere. They make our lives easier and have made our lives more interconnected than ever. So it just makes sense that the common electronics in your home would follow that trend as well. Home automation and smart devices are just a step in the sprint to progress that we’re making every day, and In Phase Electric & Air is there to help you take that next step.

Automation and Efficiency

When we talk about home automation, we’re talking about control systems, networking, and specific devices. From security to climate control, you need a simpler way to control, maintain, and monitor all the separate electronics in your home. That’s what automation is truly about, making it simple to use the devices designed to make our lives simpler.

In Phase Electric & Air can help you with the installation and repair of:

  • Security Systems
  • Monitoring
  • Data Communication
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Lighting Systems
  • Control and Electrical Panels

Some of these systems are as simple as timers designed to operate your sprinklers. Others are designed to improve the energy efficiency of your home by regulating climate controls through temperature zoning and system training based on the time and date.

Other systems are more active, giving you access to controlling the lights, entertainment system, and security of your home from a single device or instrument panel. Homes of the future are becoming more and more common. There’s a system that’s not only right for you, but affordable as well.

Whatever your need, you can trust your friendly neighborhood electricians at In Phase Electric & Air to help you get set up with a simple call to (262) 510-0956.