We install and Maintain Standby & Automatic Backup Generators

No one enjoys power outages (the utility companies, least of all), but losing access to heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, or power for sensitive electrical appliances can be uncomfortable at best and dangerous in the worst case.

We don’t usually realize just how much requires constant electrical power until an outage strikes. People dependent on medical equipment are keenly aware of just how important it is to have emergency power and, while a portable generator will last for a little while, sometimes you need the immediate response of an automatic backup generator that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

An Emergency Power Source

The size of your emergency generator is dependent on how much you plan to operate during an outage. Some examples of typical requirements are:

  • Central Heating and Air
  • Medical Equipment
  • Computers
  • Refrigerators and Food Storage
  • Water Heaters
  • Security Systems
  • Standard Household Appliances

While not all of these are essential to daily life, many of them don’t require a lot of power and can be run from small fuel-based generators. For heavy-power equipment – such as a furnace or HVAC – you’ll need a much larger generator. In Phase Electric & Air can help you size your generator to your needs, all you need to do is ask.

Generator Services

Installing a generator is more difficult than simply plugging it into your home. Standby and automatic generators have to be connected to the power system correctly. The generator needs to be able to watch the municipal electric grid to avoid adding excess energy (which can destabilize the grid and knock out power again).

In Phase Electric & Air can help you with your standby generator from start to finish. We’ll inspect your home, and work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. Then we’ll make sure that the installation is taken care of.

So whether you want a simple manual generator that you can turn on when needed, or if you need an automatic emergency generator, your friendly neighborhood electricians at In Phase Electric & Air are only a phone call away. Just dial (262) 510-0956.