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Installation, Replacement, and Repair by In Phase Electric & Air

Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation ServicesReplacing an outlet (also known as an electrical receptacle) is the second most common electrical repair in the home. And if light bulbs keep increasing in life-span, they may become the most common replacement around. At In Phase Electric & Air, we know outlets and wall-switches like no other electricians in the western Milwaukee area. So when it comes to quality repair and installation for electrical outlets you can trust in the skills and knowledge of our technicians.

Signs of Faulty Outlets and Switches

Not every problem you’ll find with an electric receptacle or switch is entirely obvious. Problems can begin development long before a socket fails. Not to mention the fact that your wall switches and electrical outlets age and wear over their life until they break or become dangerous. Knowing when it’s time to replace them is essential for home safety.

It’s time to replace your receptacles(or at least seek a professional repair) when:Wall Switch Installation and Repair Services

  • The outlet or switch stops working completely
  • The faceplate is extremely warm
  • The outlet refuses to hold a plug in place
  • You can see a spark when using the plug
  • The faceplate, screws, or any part of the outlet delivers an electric shock on contact
  • The GFCI test fails to work
  • Breakers trip regularly when using that outlet

If any of the above are issues with your outlet or wall switch, it’s time to have it inspected for safety or simply replaced.


While replacing a single electrical receptacle is not all that difficult, having to switch multiple outlets at once can take a great deal of time. Any complications on wiring will only compound the issue as well. Once you start seeing wall switches for multiple locations, GFCI receptacles, and complicated wiring-control setups, it’s time to call a professional for quality, safe, installation of your outlets and wall switches.

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals when you feel it’s time to update your outlets. Call In Phase Electric & Air today at (262) 510-0956! We offer same-day and 24/7 electrical repair service!